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Why buy Swiss? Swiss Ultimate is the place to go for the consummate perfectionist. This website offers ONLY genuine Swiss Rolex replicas, equipped with the top-end Swiss ETA watch company's watch mechanisms. With their focus on just one brand, and one particular (top) quality, you can expect complete attention to detail when purchasing from Swiss Ultimate. On the other hand, if you're not looking for TOP quality (and the matching prices to boot), you may wish to check out the other recommended sites instead.


With just 1 brand to display, navigating the website itself is a breeze, and a joy. Easily-navigable links line the left side, and the watch descriptions are clear, concise and to-the-point. It appears that the site's administrators also periodically put up articles about new releases, further showing their attention to detail and knowledge of the industry on the whole.


As mentioned above, Swiss Ultimate ONLY offers Grade 1 Swiss Rolex replicas for sale. This means that the watches are all 100% Swiss construction, and come with the Swiss ETA watch mechanism. We placed a sample order for a 2011 Submariner, and took it apart to verify these claims - it did, indeed, come with a brand new 2011-production ETA 2836-2. What a gem.

Return Policy

Swiss Ultimate covers all watches with a standard 2-year warranty, parts and service. There is also a standard 14-day return policy on all their watches. However, with the quality of the merchandise, we suspect that they will not need to process too many returns, if the watch we received from them is any indication.

Customer Service

The staff of Swiss Ultimate has proven extremely knowledgeable, in our admittedly limited interaction. We asked questions about the 2011 Swiss Submariner we purchased before ordering it, and received polite and knowledgeable responses as expected. What really impressed us, was their willingness to provide us with more information even AFTER we placed our order, and were waiting for our watch - this is truly a sign of a company that cares.


The Swiss-only Rolex market is a bit of a niche one - if you are interested in a perfect Swiss Rolex, we really cannot recommend Swiss Ultimate enough. It has knowledgeable and caring staff, a great Swiss Rolex lineup, comprehensive warranty coverage, and top-quality watches - what more could you ask for?