Site Reviews


Although San Watches offers some of the most tempting replica watch prices available on the Internet, the quality they present is debatable. From the site’s quality down to the tiniest details, San Watches is a site that we do not recommend if you’re looking to buy the best kinds of replicas out there.




It’s hard not to say it, but the site is a little bit too much to handle, especially the starry background that is quite blinding. The images are heavily photoshopped, a bad thing and a gamble, especially if a customer is expecting actual quality. Their “Buy Now” tabs placed on each and every watch is quite annoying, maybe because of the poor choice of color schemes


We ordered the Hublot Classic Automatic, but really didn’t expect to be amazed since it was only sold for $85. Upon first glance, we already noticed flaws on the construction and visible differences compared to the original. Not a good place to buy a replica if you really want a watch that looks authentic.


Another problem that this website has is the fact that it only carries a limited amount of watches, especially with their Omega watches. Though they might carry some rare pieces, they are not worth spending money on, knowing that the watches are made in poor quality.


They charge an affordable amount of $14.95 to deliver in North America and $29.95 for other international destinations, not bad. But considering the quality of the watches, maybe it’s better to buy from the street than from this site.

Return Policy

What they lack in quality, they make up with their return policy. They have a 1-year manufacturer defects warranty and will replace all returned items if post-marked no later than 14 days after the initial delivery of the item.

Site Review Conclusion

All in all, we strongly do not recommend purchasing a replica from this site. We can clearly see why they are lenient with returns and exchanges—the quality of their watches is simply dull. There are a lot more far better sites where you can purchase a quality replica that’s worth your money.